Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Spring Rain

The infamous DC Cherry Tree Blossom

Beautiful yellow Pansies

I went for a walk this morning in the

cool rainy weather
to get in some exercise and

explore more what is growing out side right now.

The temperature was in the 50's and a light misty rain was falling but the Spring colors were so bright it
kept me walking.

 Last year, I spent almost the entire year obsessed with learning about nutrition and wild plants, foraging, Vegan ism etc.  I learned a lot but mostly about how much there is in our everyday surroundings that used to constitute our normal food sources. 
Sunny Savage - Wild Foods Expert
I studied much of the life of this woman,
Sunny Savage, and learned so much about natural remedies and allergy relief from wild plants.  Sunny gives a wonderful variety of opportunities to go out and search for things you can eat. 

I grew Dandelions.  Fantastic health benefits that constitute their own post even.
                                                  I found "Burdock Root"  (Responsible for the creation of "Velcro" )

Planted St. John's Wort as ground cover in the front yard:

And most prevalent is Curly Dock plants.  See my post on crackers made from Curly Dock flour.

After a lot of months of foraging and drying and grinding.  I did conclude that it's MUCH  easier to order these plants from a reputable company that will ship them already to use and much easier to enjoy their benefits.  But I wouldn't trade those days I spent searching for specific plants or flowers I'd been studying.  It became like a quest to find them in the wild and bring them home to preserve and enjoy.
So if you're ever looking for a new hobby that will have great health benefits not just from eating better but also from learning to appreciate plants for what they are and what they can do for you: consider Wild Plant foraging. 
The health benefits from these plants are extreme but the stress free job of looking and learning has a great deal to give to us as well.  For more information on the fun and nutrition of Wild Food Foraging:  Check out this site
and lot's more on the web.
Pink Dogwood starting to bloom in the yard

More pictures from my walk:
Fruit tree petals look like snow all over the ground here right now
New Calla Lilly planted in the yard
St. John's Wort I planted after foraging last summer is spreading now for a beautiful ground cover
New decorative grasses planted in the yard

And yet, the best part of my rainy cool walk today may have been getting back home and enjoying a hot cup of my fresh homemade Coconut Milk

with a little Vanilla Stevia and Cafix mixed in. 

Warmed me up and made me glad to be back home.

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