Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vegan Chocolate or Vanilla Oat Bran Milk

Non Dairy Preservable Milk Making on Punk Domestics

Oat Bran Milk

Add 1 cup of water to 1/4 Cup Oat Bran Cereal. 
(Substitutions include:  Oats, Steel cut Oats, Bran, Barley, Wheatgerm etc.)

Heat for 2 minutes in the microwave or on stove top until oats have softened.
Pour the Oat / Water mixture into 2 Cups water. 
Add in flavors: 
1 tsp. Stevia Powder
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
And 1 Tbs. of Cocoa powder for Chocolate Milk.
Pinch of Sea Salt.

Blend or Food Process for 2 minutes on high.
Pour the mixture through a strainer into a glass container.
Refrigerate up to 5 days. 
Use in smoothies, cooking, baking or heat a cup for a morning drink.
The oat bran left in the strainer can be frozen and used in cookies, cakes
or breakfast bars for added nutrition.
Oat Bran leftovers strained out of liquid can be frozen and used
in future cookies, pie crusts, etc.

Great substitute for Soy, Nut or Coconut Milk and at about .20 per 8oz. glass?  Great savings as well.
Leave out the sweetener and you've got a milk for cooking savory sides with added nutrition.

Other Diary Alternative posting:

Flax Seed Milk

All great alternatives to Cow's Milk and much less expensive overall.
Plus you can keep the dry ingredients for months, years and always have a source on hand
to mix up some milk without spoiling or additives.
VEGA Plant Protein mixes + Dairy Free Milks make a great meal substitute

Using Dairy Free Milks with smoothies can greatly increase the vitamin intake and still be delicious!
If you'd like more information on Dairy Free Cooking you can click here:

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  1. I have made Oat milk before. Can't remember if I liked it or not, probably because I am not really picky. I do make almond milk when I run out and am in a pinch.

    You just made me want to go out and make myself a smoothie with the almond milk in my fridg.

    1. Great for you Terry. I like almond milk best too but almonds are about 5 x's the price. This oat milk is nice and creamy with no side tastes going on. Let me know if you try it again ;-)

  2. I have recently had to cut out dairy due to a lactose intolerance. very excited to try this and use up the insane amount of oats I have in my food storage! thanks for posting this!

  3. Thanks. I have not gotten into my food storage oats YET, but it's nice to know how to make this milk and not have to store so much powdered milk. When I stopped Dairy, I was glad that I would have a way to store 'milk' now. Still miss cheese though. Hope you like the milk. It's one you can play with a lot to make it your way.
    Are you making any other nut milks already?

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! Please let me know if you try out the milk and how it works for you! Have a great day ;-)



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