Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Omnium-Gatherum June 2012

So far in this gorgeous month of June:

I had a few recipes featured on a 'Canning / Food Preservation' site which makes me very happy!
My Spicy Brown Honey Mustard - http://cannedtime.blogspot.com/2012/05/whole-grain-spicy-brown-honey-mustard.html

Lemon Curd Jam w/ Hot Pepper Flakes - http://cannedtime.blogspot.com/2012/05/lemon-curd-jam-with-red-pepper-flakes.html

Spicy Asian Plum Dipping Sauce on Punk Domestics
And a few more too:  You can find all of them here at the Canned Time page at Punk Domestics http://www.punkdomestics.com/users/canned-time

We took a ride over to 'Point of Rocks' train station just off the  Potomac river on a spring like June Sunday and took a few pics of the old architecture. 
This train station is where the tracks split to get to either
Washington DC or go north to Baltimore from Harpers Ferry WV.

This board was part of a door frame way up about 30 feet above our heads. 
Fields around the train station

I made a new discovery with my iron skillet, baking cakes on the stove top. 
This one was a gluten-free
apple berry cake that smelled and tasted heavenly!  Like autumn with all the cinnamon and apples cooking away.  YUM!

I spent one afternoon in Kensington, MD at the antique shops and found this beauty....

French porcelain.  Just waiting for some goodies to hide the flowers............

 Like maybe these little squares of
Vegan Caramel with Cocoa Nut Butter?

These were so good, healthy and easy to make I've already made another variation that uses my NuNaturals Fiber Blend Powder Stevia and lots of ground
flax seed.                                                       Except you can't taste the flax, just the caramel................

Or some more of these Dandelion Root Powder Brownies would be fine on my new trivet as well:
Dandelion Root is such a great detoxifier.  And when its inside of  this much sugar free goodness,
it's even better for your body and soul.

And I found these gorgeous canning jars at WECK Jars.

Really different for showing off some fruits or veggies you've canned.

Lots more to come this month on Canned Time. 
Chocolate Cream Pie, Vegan
and a quick Homemade Sugar Scrub for your dry patches that smells FANTASTIC!
And hopefully more flowers of course.........
Almost forgot, Canned Time reached another milestone:  20,000 hits a few days ago.
Thanks everyone!
Anything you've got to share about your month yet?
I can't wait to have a few days off at month's end to work on some more recipes.

Let us know what's going on with your kitchen this month. 
Links and comments are always welcome!


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