Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Pink Floydy!!

Mr. Floydy turns 7 years old today. 
To celebrate, I'm posting his film debut:
He's a clean cat and has this routine anytime he hears us go into the hall bathroom:
The rest of his days are spent watching for the UPS man from the front window:
Guarding the Crock Pot:
Playing with his new New Birthday Toy:

And then of course, a nap:

Mr. Floydy got his name when we picked him up from the Animal Shelter and they had a bright Pink collar on him....didn't really suit his character, but he's stuck with the name. 

Okay, enough about cats.  Back to some awesome food and fun:  Pepperoni Sausage Calzones coming up soon on Canned Time..................

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