Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Habanero Mango Sorbet with Dark Chocolate Chunks

This Mango Sorbet has a definite KICK!
So much kick that I had to sandwich it between two Snicker doodles to help calm the heat!
I made a wonderful basic sorbet with frozen and canned Mango and Soy Milk Creamer.
But then the Kick.  I opened a can of my Habanero Honey
Habanero Honey is simply a jar of honey stuffed full of Habanero Peppers.
The jars sit for 2 months so that the Peppers can absorb the sugar and vise versa.  The sweet spice flavor of the honey can bring out great flavor in BBQ
Sauces, savoury dishes like Asian, chicken or fish.

But today, I'm balancing the bright fruity flavor of Mango Sorbet with a nice
Kick of spicy back note.

Next time I think a couple tablespoons of Habanero pieces will be fine.  I wanted to serve this alone:

But the heat is too great and I ended up sandwiching it between some cookies to add some sweet.
Wrap each ice cream sandwich in wax paper to store in the freezer.

Thanks to all the Tropical Traditions Hair Treatment Giveaway entries,
winner will be announced Wednesday!

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