Friday, March 9, 2012

Bird Watching

There's no help from my friend Floydy today.  He's busy watching for a nest building birdie who continues to peck her beak on a ledge of this window.  I held him up to the window right next to the bird at one point (the glass has a reflective shield on it so the bird can't see in) and Floydy thought he would die because the bird wasn't reacting to his paws clamoring at the glass.
Busy times.

I'm busy boiling away some apple cider trying my hand at making Apple Cider Syrup to can for summer drinking.
And I'm munching on a few of these:

More later on how the Cider turns out.  It's taking a LONG time to boil away half the liquid!

Meanwhile...........the bird drama continues for poor Floydy:
His hunger is growing with all the bird watching calorie burning............
Our lovely little visiting birdie doesn't seem to care at all about Floydy's troubles, more about her new nest outside for her future family..............

Somedays it just hard work being a smart cat like Mr. Floydy

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  1. Hehe, such cute a cute little scene...although it probably wouldn't be so cute if Floydy did get near the bird. ^^; And that apple cider syrup sounds delicious, I never really thought of canning (or syruping) it - I'm assuming your making almost unholy amounts of this to share? Heh

  2. Thanks for your comments Aiko. You have a great blog of your own. Feel free to share some posts with my readers when you can. My Cider Syrup came out great and the Thai Pepper I added in while it boiled gave the sweet apple taste a nice kick but suttle enough to still taste like hot Cider. I canned it to store but I'm not sure how long it will stay stored in the jars.........thanks again!



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