Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting Away

We're taking a few days away from the city rush and traffic to get some fresh air
(and pollen unfortunately)

I started out the day with my favorite smoothie since I wasn't leaving before sunrise
like most mornings:

Frozen Bananas
Frozen Pineapple
Almond Milk
Flax Meal
Liquid Vanilla Stevia (NuNaturals of course)
and a big Mason Jar to pour it all into

So nice to have time in the morning to enjoy
heathy fresh ingredients.....

I found a couple real bargains yesterday to
take along too:
$10 for the jacket and $5 for the
t-shirt?  Can't beat that..........................
It's going to be one of those chilly morning and hot afternoon weekends so I need a little of everything to have on hand to wear.  These should work out well, especially for the price!
Definitely a shopping find!
Bringing along this bargain too:
This Coconut Oil Hair Treatment from Tropical Traditions is awesome. 
I got the Lavender scented and it's wonderful to rub on your skin before bed.  

Smells so light and relaxing! 
I know, it's supposed to be for hair, but hey, if it works?
Pink Floydy will have the weekend off as well....
 He'll be doing mostly this....................
                                                                                         A little bird watching..........
Then protecting the house and watching for that big guy who comes over with food
when Mommy is gone...
Spicy Pepperoni, Zucchini, Chicken, and Fra Diavolo sauce.
Coming up soon on Canned Time
I have a great simple dinner recipe to post when
 I get back in the kitchen....
Here's a sneak peak:

Hey the Holiday LEDS string light Giveaway is still going strong while I'm gone.
Be sure to enter and leave your comments before Monday night!

Thanks for all the entries, Be Safe!

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