Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chicken Vegetable Soup Base repost

I posted a while back about this Chicken Vegetable Soup Base that I'm always going to in a pinch to make a meal.  Check out the original, it's great to have some on hand. I paired it today with another older
recipe that I stock up in my freezer, Sprouted Wheat Bread.

I'm much more of a "stew" person when it comes to soups so sorry if it seems like a bowl of veggies here.  You're perfectly justified in adding more broth if you try this out.  Generally when I 'can' something to preserve it I'll use less broth as well just cause it takes up that much more room in the jar when you're processing so I leave it out.  I'll add more if needed when I actually use the jar for a meal.  Or not.  That's what is nice about this one is you really can adjust the ingredients to your likes.

Sometimes I'm pretty sure that I just love soup so I can have an excuse to eat a big chunk of bread with it and make it a meal...................yum!  And healthy too.


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