Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sprouting & Anti - Inflammatory Charts

I wanted to share 2 charts I came across in the last week that are really helpful
summaries of healthful eating. 

The first one deals with Anti-Inflammatory Dieting.
Courtesy of Dr. Weil, this chart really defines how we should choose our food.

I've used this diet guideline for the past 2 years and it REALLY does help with joint pain.
Last week I recommitted myself to sticking with this food parameter again as part

I'm using Vega smoothies daily for the next few months to take off 20 lbs.
They work perfectly with Anti Inflammatory Dieting.
The second chart is goes hand in hand with Dr. Weil's Diet guidelines.

I fell in love with spouting foods last spring and this chart is wonderful at organizing
techniques and general information.

When I saw it on Anna's Facebook page, I knew I had to save it for a reference.

Do any of you sprout your food?
Any good ideas for keeping the sprouts fresh longer, or what your favorite tastes are?

Great references here.  Thanks Anna, thanks Dr. Weil!

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