Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting Back On Track

I'm determined to get my health back on track starting today.
Starting with getting back to a healthy diet.

It's been almost 2 years since I discovered that dairy, and a lot of wheat and sugar,
make my joints ache, my stomach unsettled, and very fatigued.
Since that discovery, my life turned into a quest for more information on nutrition.
I went through several phases in that first year of eliminating more and more foods.
The more I read, the less I wanted to eat until I was finally down 75 Lbs.
For the first time as an adult, I was wearing a size 4 pants, size small shirts! Unbelievable after being heavy since my early teens............
And my pain was gone!
2 years ago, I stopped dairy, stopped sugar, white flour, lots of bad fat, most wheat, and on and on.
I was growing wheatgrass, sprouting, eating flax seed daily, taking a probiotic 3 times a day.
Get the picture? I was healthier than I've ever been.
Today is my crossroads...time to get back on the right track.

 I started this blog because I became really obsessed with letting people know
that they could eat widely delicious food without being unhealthy.
And that the effect that food has on how we feel each day is VERY significant.
When I changed my diet 2 years ago, my life changed. I didn't know that
I could feel 'good' again...just thought the aches were part of aging.
Some days, I wish someone would just put food in front of me and I wouldn't have to think about a gazillion things
with my food and nutrition!
So what happened to get me off track this year?

Well, my husband doesn't eat the way I do
and that was always a battle.

I started cooking more and more fun desserts which has made it easy to slip back to old food habits.
And bottom line is, it's just harder to eat right.

So little by little, I've let myself get back into

bad habits of fast food, sugar, and because of that
I haven't felt like exercise either.
Photo from Mt. Md BBQ

Here I am last August at my lowest adult weight, 138 and a healthy BMI of 21.
Sad part is I think that I look pretty heavy in this picture and at the time
people were telling me weekly that I was too thin.
I'm 5' 8" so I've always been able to hide a bit of weight but my posture
makes me look pregnant even.
Maybe I should just stand up straighter and I wouldn't feel too fat.

But the aches and pains are what I have to control.
I know last year up until November, I was feeling better than I had
since I was in my early twenties.
Maybe better than ever, that I can remember.

So it's back on track for me.
Starting today, Sunday the 10th of June, I'm a healthy eater again.

I'm getting back to finding beauty all around. In every place,
even the lowest or most remote. I hope my readers
will help keep me on track. Share advise and share
their own healthy pursuits.

Any good habits you all have and would like to share to help in my straight track goal would be
much appreciated.
Do you have any allergies to food? Any hints for staying on track with your health?

Congratualations to Manda, Abby, Heather and Maryann, winners of the NuNaturals giveaway!
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