Monday, June 25, 2012

All Sugared Up

I finally found a healthy way to use up all the cane sugar I have!
It makes a wonderful skin scrub.  No calories.  Just soft silky skin and feet....
This is all you need to keep your skin soft and smooth this summer.
About $4 worth of ingredients for a month of moisture!

Years ago, I managed a few Spa/ Beauty Supply Stores and we sold tons of this product at over $20 per 13 oz. jar.  Women LOVED it. 
So did I but I couldn't justify the money for it.

All you really need is some of this.

If you want to add in a nice fragrance you can add a few drops of extract in with the oil or maybe some Eucalyptus.
If you want to have suds while you're exfoliating,
use a bottle of your favorite shower soap mixed in with the sugar instead of Baby Oil.

Let those sugar grains brush away your dry skin without spending all kinds of money or time.
You can scoop a little up in your hand or use a great sponge to help apply it.
Which ever you choose, you'll love the results, guilt free sugar!
A glass or plastic jar works well for storage. 
 (Make sure your hand fits inside)
Sugar Cane can be a good thing for you if you just don't eat it!
Anyone have any good skin secrets they want to share?
I know this one could be packaged up as a great gift for someone special as well.

Cane Sugar Skin Scrub.
Your Feet will Love it!

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  1. So what is the recipe? measurements?

    1. Equal parts sugar to oil. you'll add more of which ever is neede as you use it. mine usually runs out of sugar first cause I drain most of the oil off through my fingers.



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