Friday, May 18, 2012

Omnium-Gatherum - May 2012

Summing up my month so far:

I saw a baby Praying Mantis looking for lunch while I was eating mine in Winchester VA.

I found out that Biscoff Spread is the tastiest stuff I've eaten in a long time:
A much quicker treat than cupcakes is just to spread it on a couple Granny Smith Apple slices.
Picked up stuff for work at Union Station in DC.
Snatched a picture of Mr. Butterfly spreading the pollen around in Kensington, MD

I made my first, and definitely not my last
batch of homemade brown sugar.

Got lucky with my first Watermelon of the Summer and found a really sweet one! More details on a great Popsicle recipe with the rest of the Mellon coming up this month...............

Watched a few seconds of sunrise over Damascus, MD

Took a quick walk on Mother's Day to enjoy all the beautiful flowers out right now before
I drove down to see my Mom.
I took a walk around a Revolutionary War Memorial in Harper's Ferry WV

                                                                         Helped Floydy celebrate his 7th Birthday.......................
Found this beautiful little teapot at an Antique Shop downtown for just $5.
I created a Canned Time website at iHerb to get my readers $5 off on their first orders
And today after I finished my work, I walked around some Antique Shops in an Old restored historical area south of DC called Occoquan and didn't buy a single thing!   Yea......
But I did get some great pics........for free.

The good news is I only have 4 more days of work today and I'll have 7 days off to rest and cook and whatever else suits my time.  Maybe not getting up at 4 am for a start, can't wait!

Anyone have anything different or fun going on in their life right now?
Anyone have time off coming up?  What time do you have to get up for work?

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