Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Homemade Brown Sugar

I don't use a lot of Brown Sugar and I've always had trouble keeping it from getting rock hard no matter how air tightly I had it sealed up after opening a box.  So this homemade version will really work out nicely for me. 
I can make it up fresh for a recipe even!
Use a canning funnel if you have
one to fill the jar
Super easy................all you need is some 'white' sugar and a little molasses.......
When you first start stirring the molasses in, it will clump up
but soon it will blend in completely

I found this cool old Mason Jar at an Antique store yesterday that will work perfectly
for storing the Brown Sugar and keep it from drying out.
I think this would be a fun project with kids helping.  I used the fork to stir at first but then got in there with my hands and it mixed the molasses in much more quickly.  Little fingers would love that!
Floydy helped with the photos as usual.  Not sure what he
thought he was going to do after he rolled on the railing?  DUH!
Homemade Brown Sugar......Give it a try!

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