Monday, April 23, 2012

Vegan Southern Style Banana Pudding

This is a pretty good substitute for the real thing and much healthier than the average banana pudding.
I picked up these gorgeous little bowls this weekend at a little Antique shop and had to come up with a special dessert to show them off.  The bananas (and the chocolate cookies) really brought out the golden glass.
I did spice it up some today with the chocolate dipped cookies I used but other than that it's awefully good for you, body and soul..........

I placed the extra bananas and cookies into bowls and then poured the cooked pudding right on top.

I think this dairy and processed sugar free version will make anyone crave a big spoonful!
It's a childhood favorite and my Mom always made it so good........... 
It was tempting to just make it the old fashioned way. 
                          But this one will definitely do for flavor and texture                             
Make sure that your bananas are ripe to past ripe so they are sweet enough.
Thanks for the Holiday LEDS Giveaway entries.  Winner will be announced Tuesday.

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