Friday, March 30, 2012


For some reason, a lot of people start collecting things that have similarities or are just special to them.  Eventually our homes are full of a lot of 'stuff'......

I started (about 3 decades ago) a collection of unusual salt and pepper shakers:
My first set was the birds here near the bottom. They belonged to my Grandmother and I think I just wanted to be a part of her past somehow. I didn't get very far as you can see here...........but somehow, I wont ever throw this tiny group away for the sake of saying, 'I collect salt n pepper shakers' Which obviously, I don't or I would have a lot more sets than 4.

Maybe someday I'll get a few more?
One of two walls we have of Sports Memorabilia

I was a little more successful at collecting sports items for my husband.  Mostly because it gave me something to give him as gifts that I knew he would actually appreciate instead of  say.....socks!   But this collection was much more expensive and now we have to 'worry' about it anytime a repair guy or stranger comes in the house.

Starfish Collection?

Then at some point, I tried collecting Star Fish. 

I do have a lot more of them all around the house.

 But they don't really make up a "collection" and

I can't tell you where or when I got almost any of them so....

My most successful 'Collection' is ongoing still today.  It's extremely inexpensive.  About $1.50 per item.  I can get new items at most of the places we visit it seems and other people have also enjoyed adding to my collection when they go somewhere too.

 My Sand.  24 bottles so far, and growing. 

I have favorite bottles, like the one from a first date with my husband, and I have bottles that I collected the sand really just to be increasing bottles but I can't really remember the trip.  And then there are bottles that I like to look at because they stand out from the others.

It's moved with me 4 times now and will most likely move again someday.  The house we are in now has a shelf that we said was just made for the sand.  Until it began to outgrow the shelf.  Anyway, I do like collecting sand and its interesting seeing how really different each color is and remembering when and where I got each one.  

I think a collection should be like the sand.  Cheap, memorable, and nice to look at.

I'm really interested to know what you all collect?
What's the most unusual collection of things you've ever seen in some one's home?
Do you have any 'collections' that are really just junk you don't want to throw away?

I have things that I've always "wanted" to have a collection of even:

Like certain artist's photographs, and teapots maybe.  I think I should stick with making all the ones that I've started into actual collections though.

What do you think about collecting stuff?

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