Sunday, April 1, 2012

Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs

I colored some Easter eggs with natural ingredients as dyes. 
I think they turned out okay, although I did expect the colors to be brighter.

Looking at some other website's experiences, I think it was just me.
One thing that happened, the grocery store that I bought the red onions from had already removed most of the crinkly outer skin of the red onion and that's where the color is, so the eggs were not as bright as I was hoping.

Next time I think I will try blueberries and red chili powder to give a more bold color to them.

Just add your desired color ingredient in with the boiled eggs and boil for an additional 30+ minutes.

I soaked all of mine for quite a bit longer to try to absorb more color.  Some over night even.

The dye that worked the best I think was the Coffee:


Here's lot's more information on natural egg colorings:

What ways do you color Easter eggs? 
Do you have any special plans for next Sunday, any treats you're making?

Mr. Floydy definitely does not care for Easter eggs of any color!

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  1. I LOVE these! I love the softer, natural colors! Beautiful job!!

  2. They are nice but I had a lot of them that just were not very colored at all so it wasted them. But I think next time they'll come out better since I know how much and how long. Thanks!



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