Friday, February 24, 2012

Blackberry Iron Skillet Pie vegan, sugar and dairy free

Today I used 2 Pint size jars of Blackberries that I canned in water last spring and one jar of Apple Pie Filling I had also canned in 2010 to make the filling for a pie.
Strange part is my oven is still not working so I tried to "bake" the crust in an iron skillet on top of the stove before putting in the pie filling.  Don't know that anyone would ever want to duplicate this process but it worked.  I thawed a premade crust from Whole Foods that was made from Spelt flour.  Carefully transferred one of the crusts into my iron skillet and set in on the burner on medium low for about 30 minutes until it started getting brown on the bottom.  I had to cut slits in the bottom to let the steam out just like an oven baked pie. 

Anyway, most likely you will just bake yours for 10 minutes per the instructions or make your own crust.  I also wanted to try 'canning jar' pies so I used the other crust I had for that. More on that below.
So here's the picture of my crust baking in my iron skillet.  In the other pan, I have the blackberry/ apple pie filling boiling away to reduce it down and thicken. 
After my crust was done I took the berry filling off of the heat and mixed in a little cornstarch and water mixture to thicken up the filling.  I let it cool for about an hour before pouring it into the crust.                                                        
I mixed up the following for a crumb topping for both my iron skillet pie and the canning jar pie:     Blend equal parts (about 1/2 a cup each for 1 pie)  Flour, Sugar, Melted Butter and Granola) in a blender or food processor.          For this one I used gluten free ingredients but the ratio is the same.  This gives you a moist crumbly mixture to top your pie that doesn't have to be baked.  After pouring in the fruit filling, I hand spooned on enough of the crumble mixture to cover the filling without pressing down hard on the pie.  And then chilled the pie in the fridge before serving.

Here are pictures of the Canning Jar Pie that I made with the same ingredients as the skillet pie:
You can store these in the freezer and then give them as gifts or bake them up when you need a quick dessert without having to bake a whole pie:
Press your pie crust into all the sides of your Pint size jar firmly.  It will be easier the more you press because of the warmth of your fingers.  You can press extra dough into spots that may be bare to fill
Here's the blackberry pie filling poured into the crust filled jar.  Leave some space at the top for crust and jar lid.
I topped this one with a crumble mixture but you can also put regular pie crust dough, even a lattice crust cross the top. 

After you put your topping on the jar pie, cover it with a normal canning lid and ring, store in the freezer until you're ready to bake. 
Remove the lid before you would bake it and thaw some.  Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes with a pan underneath in case it bubbles over. 
Here's my iron skillet Blackberry pie before the crumb topping was added.


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