Monday, January 23, 2012

Raw Sunflower Sesame Seed Crackers

These are slightly spicy but go well with a sweeter spread like peanut butter shown here or something cheesy or even meat.

1 cup Sunflower Seeds
1/2 cup Sesame Seeds
1 cup Almond Meal
1/2 cup Ground Flax Seed
1 cup Sprouted Quinoa
1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
1 tsp Garlic Powder
1/3 cup Parmesan Cheese

1/3 cup Tahini
2 Tbs. Hemp Oil
1/4 cup Olive Oil

Combine all dry ingredients in a food processor or just stir them up in a big bowl.  Mix together the wet ingredients.  Combine both in a large bowl and mix well until you have a soft batter that will stick together.  Add water slowly if there is not enough moisture. 
Roll out the dough between wax paper sheets to about 1/3 inch and cut into slices or squares.  Dehydrate on 115 for about 10 hours.  Store in a sealed container.

SUNFLOWERS ARE GREAT..........................

And easy to grow too

Check out more nutritional information on the benefits of Sunflower Seeds:

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  1. These are in the dehydrater right now but OMG I ate up every stray crumb in the clean up... Cant wait for the funished product!

  2. So yummy yummy but yes they are fragile.. Im going to make some more and bring them to a lunchon with my herbalist friends on Sat. Great texture and taste and amazing protein value but I wonder what I can do to make them more solid.. cause I'll be making these alot!

  3. So glad you like the taste. I hope your friends will too. If you'd like to sturdy them up some you may want to do a couple things, add an beaten egg to the batter and then bake them if that's an option for you. Or if you'd like to keep them "raw" you could add a bit more oil, grind up the mixture to a finer texture, spread them thinner or add some almond flour even. Here's a site that may help as well: http://​​category/snacks/crackers/ Let me know how they turn out if you change them, thanks so much for commenting!

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