Monday, January 16, 2012

Kindred Bliss Bath & Body Valentine's Day Soaps Giveaway

Kindred Bliss Bath & Body is offering 2 lucky winners a FREE
Valentine's Day Soap gift package!
This contest will run from Monday, January 16th, 2012 through Tuesday, February 7th, 2012.

Here's the Prize!   3 Beautiful soaps wrapped up for a perfect Valentine's Day Gift.............
The 2 winners will each receive:

A green fruity floral bouquet with apple, rose and jasmine topnotes with a sweet woodsy musky background. Add a beautiful creamy dollop of white sprinkled with sparkly glitter and lots of skin loving butters and oils and you have one beautiful bar... perfect for your Valentine!
(1) Hot Pink Pomegranate Valentine Soap Cupcake
These smell soooo good! A sparkling, bright pomegranate having a tart citrus and pomegranate top note, a slightly floral heart of jasmine and violet leaf, and finishing with a spicy ginger and woody, twig like base note. Filled with skin loving oils and butters, these delightful soaps will bring a smile to anyone!

This fragrance begins with creamy top notes of bittersweet chocolate and butter cream; followed by warm middle notes of corn syrup and amaretto; and well rounded with base notes of vanilla sugar, malt, dark cocoa, and espresso powder.

Check out all the beautiful handmade soaps featured at Kindred Bliss Bath & Body and then
enter to win.......................

To Enter the Giveaway:
(You must post a separate comment on this post for each entry so that we can pick the winners)
1. Tell me what your favorite soap from the Kindred Bliss Bath & Body website would be?

2. For a second entry, Twitter follow Canned Time and then tweet the following:
“I entered to win free Valentine's Day Soaps from Kindred Bliss Bath & Body  on Canned Time"

3. For extra entries:

Leave a Comment on the Kindred Bliss You Tube video shown below

or post this Giveaway on your blog

Leave new comments every day if you want to really maximize your chances!  

Contest ends Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 at Midnight
so we can send out the prize soap package in time for Valentine's Day.  The winner will be chosen randomly.
Open to continental U.S. readers only
Comment below for each entry!

Good Luck!!!!

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  1. I am supposed to be commenting on what is my favorite soap from Kindred Bliss, I actually haven't found one I didn't like. Now my favorite, hmmmm, is good old Oatmilk Honey, no wait, Bay Rum, no wait, I guess I have to come up with just one right....hmmmm probably Wheatgrass Parfait. They are all amazing and I can't wait to try the new scents! The Valentine Day's soaps sound awesome.

  2. I know just what you mean Joan, thanks! My favorite is usually the one I'm currently using,,,love the gardenia best, maybe.

  3. Wow! These sound amazing! I'd love to try the hot pink pomegranate!

  4. I liked Canned Time on Facebook :)

  5. I like Kindred Bliss on Facebook

  6. Angela,

    I haven't tried the Gardenia but it sure is pretty. I love the Gardenia fragrance. I love them all and it's so neat that they are seasonal too. I wanted to tell you too that the tortilla soup recipe looks awesome. :)


  7. Thanks so much Joan, the soap was great and you don't have to make it so hot! I grow my own jalepenos so I tend to over do it trying to use them up. It's pretty healthy too. Gardenia is my favorite scent anyway but with the Kindred soaps, I havn't found one that I didn't like, especially the Men's soaps.

  8. Too funny, I wrote soap instead of soup............long day!

  9. I think my last comment got lost. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I liked Canned Time on FB and I also liked Kindred Bliss on FB. I posted a great White Chicken Chili recipe on FB not too long ago. It is awesome! I shared your blog and contest on my FB page.... Have a great evening. TTFN.


  10. soylarcandles Irene Guoz

    My favorite soap on the Kindred Bliss website would be the Almond Macaroon and a Breath of Apple. ~ Irene

  11. I haven't tried any of these, but the Lavender Coconut sounds wonderful!

  12. The Almond Rum or the Gardenia would likely be my top choices. Goo luck with your contest :)

  13. I hope if you haven't tried these soaps you give them a try! They are fantastic, you'll be glad you did.


  14. They all look so pretty! Nice giveaway idea.

  15. My favorite so far has been the almond rum cake.

    Something I love about her soaps is they dont leave my skin dry like most bar soaps do.

    I also love I can tell Charlynn what I like or what I am looking for and whatever she has suggested has always worked perfect for what I was looking for.

  16. Your website is beautiful Angela! I love Canned Time and I love the soaps from Kindred Bliss! Her choices of scents are so nice and very some very unique ones. The spring scents are awesome. Edelweiss is the most amazing scent and Greenhouse is a dupe of the retired Yankee Candle by that named. Retired but one of the most sought after scents. I can't wait to be try them. And now she has samples bars! So you can try different scents so easily. Have a great Sunday Angela!


  17. dottietobias@rocketmail.comSaturday, 04 February, 2012

    i really haven't got to try any of the soaps so i'm not sure what would be my favorite but i know for sure i would love the creamy chocolate soap i love the smell the taste of chocolate,but i would love to try all of these .Lets just hope i don't try and eat the chocolate soap lol....I also just tried canning for the first time this year loved it plan it trying more this year..i used to help my grandmother can food and make butter brings back so many memories..Thank You Dottie Tobias

  18. I know you said the more you comment the better your chances are to win i know i would love all the soaps you are offering soap is my passion and i totally enjoy trying everyones soaps,but i must say i went on Canned Time i not sure what looks better the food or the soap lol...Have a great day...Dottie tobias

  19. Well i new i had to get a post in before 12:00 midnight tonight,been crazy busy today but i love both canning time FB and Kindrabliss FB i would love to try your soaps..I really can't say what i like most because i never have got to try them yet..Good luck to all the entries and i hope everyone has a great night,But i do have to say i'm to excited to see who wins...Thanks for the chance to enter this contest because your soaps look great but so does the food on canning time lol both soap and food always brings a smile to my face,keep up the great products ladies..Than k You Dottie Tobias



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