Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sugar Free Sunflower Seed Butter

This is the Sunflower Seed Butter mixed with a Mocha powder.  Lot's of variety options for this.
Blend the nuts, scraping down sides until
the smooth texture you want is made.
You can add in a variety of flavors to this
base or just enjoy the Sunflower flavor.


I'm storing the Sunflower Seed Butter in a canning jar.
Don't think that this one can be preserved by canning method but stores in the freezer well for at least 1 year.

This nut butter has so many variations:
Use Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnuts or Brazil nuts instead of Sunflowers.
I used Sunflower Seeds today because I found 1 pound for just $2.50
it's definitely an economical option to store bought nut butters.
After I made up this first batch of Sunflower Seed Butter, I poured half in another container.
Then I stirred in 1 Tbs. of Cocoa Powder and 1 Tbs. of Caffix Coffee Substitute to
make a Mocha version of this dipping sauce. 
It can be flavored many different ways to suit your own tastes.  Vanilla, Raspberry, or mix in your favorite jam to create an even richer sauce.  It can be heated to pour over desserts as well.

This Sunflower Seed Butter makes a great gift too.  Make up a few batches, pour into jars and store them in the freezer for last minute gifts.  They will keep for at least a year if kept sealed and frozen.

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