Monday, May 7, 2012

Dairy Free Strawberry Sorbet

Friday the store had a sale on Strawberries, 2 Pints for $3.

I knew just what I wanted to make so I picked through the stacks

to find the best box and came home to wash and freeze them.

I picked over the berries, sliced them,

and then put half in the freezer for some sorbet.

The fruity tart Sorbet turned out just right as a fresh after dinner treat, or an anytime treat.

I had such a long work day today, I just wanted to get home tonight and try another serving...
But before I got back home to my Strawberry frozen treat............I did some exploring since the cooler air today made walking a breeze.........

Found lots of busy bugs making good use of the beautiful flowers in bloom all around this time of year..............

I bet you Mr. Bee would have loved to get into some of my Strawberry Sorbet!

A Berry Good Day!


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