Friday, January 6, 2012

Pear Butter Walnut Cookies - GF, Vegan

I picked up this Kime's Pear Butter Spread   this week at a wonderful local heath food store here: Mom's Organic Market, and wanted to incorporate it into a healthy cookie.
 I made this one to be dehydrated for RAW readers, but also because my oven isn't working right now.  They're pretty good and also allowed me to try out the Palm Sugar I got last week from iHerbs.  (6 packs only $20!)  The cookies are soft and mildly sweet.  The walnuts add a nice crunch.  If you wanted to bake them I'm sure they could be adapted but I would keep the temperature lower than most and cook them slowly like the dehydrator dose, maybe 300 deg. for 45 minutes?  I don't know since I can't try with my oven right now.  The dehydrator works well though, that I know.

Blond Coconut Palm Sugar

Here's what's in them:

Mix together dry ingredients/ stir in wet and mix until a slightly sticky batter forms.  

Mix up about half a cup of Palm Sugar separately and add T. of Cinnamon to make a cinnamon sugar topping to sprinkle on before pressing the walnut down in the middle of each one.  Then dehydrate on 115 for about 12 hours, checking for your desired softness. 

Dry - 1 Cup Almond Flour/ Meal
          1 1/2 Cup Spelt Flour
          3/4 Cup Shredded Coconut
          1 T Cinnamon
          1 1/2 Cup Palm Sugar
          1/2 tsp. Sea Salt
                                                         Wet - 1 Cup Pear Butter
                                                                   1 Cup Vanilla Sweetened Soy Or Nut milk
                                                                   1/4 Olive Oil
                                                                   1/2 - 3/4 Cup Water to get batter moist enough

                                                         Extras - 1/2 Cup Whole Walnuts
   1/2 Cup Coconut Palm Sugar mixed well with a tsp. of Cinnamon

Here's a sneak peak at one of the Valentine's Day Soaps that Kindred Bliss Bath & Body will be offering to 2 lucky contest winners in February.  Contest details will be posting next week so
check back for your chance to win! 

Valentine Cupcakes in Hot Pink Pomegranate: A sparkling, bright pomegranate having a tart citrus and pomegranate top note, a slightly floral heart of jasmine and violet leaf, and finishing with a spicy ginger and woody, twig like base note. The lighting for these is terrible... they are actually a light creamy white and pretty right on pink.... and smell Incredible!! So pretty!!


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