Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dinner with the Boss

A few months ago, my husband won first prize in a charity golf event at his office.  The prize was dinner at his Boss's Boss's Boss's house in Washington DC.

The dinner turned out to be not quite is daunting as we thought it might be.  And our host spent the night frying, braising, grilling.........preparing all of our courses throughout the evening, really an amazing night of fabulous food and talk. 

Here's a snapshot of our dinner courses:

The weather wasn't so bad for the first week of March, mid 50's with a breeze.  A little more breezy on the roof of his apartment building but the view of the city made up for the chill. 
Our main course included beautifully trimmed and grilled fillets so we got to look out at the city while our host grilled away on the roof. 
We thought we'd had our fill until dessert which really topped off the night.
Chocolate Cake with the biggest Raspberries I've ever seen!

Next Saturday night when we open a can of soup and some leftovers for dinner, it's really going to bring back the fond memories of last night looking out on the city!

Back to reality today....
Working on a Dairy and Sugar Free Chocolate Cream Pie that should help with the doldrums though.

Congratulations to Dawn for winning the Joie Great Gadget Giveaway!!

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