Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Morning routine

My morning routine starts about 4am when my loving cat reminds me that it's time to go make some money and more importantly feed him.  I'm outside most of the day and I like to start off with a cup of heated Almond or Soy milk.   Add in a little vanilla Stevia, some Cafix coffee substitute and I'm off and running............I usually try to grab a piece of fruit.  This plum here started me off today and
if I can keep from eating the rest of the bowl of them,

I'll be making them up into an awesome 'spicy Asian dipping sauce' today.  It's a nice sweet / spicy dip that's great for anything from veggies to spring rolls.
I canned an earlier version of it a few years ago, still have some actually, that is the same recipe only using apricots.  It makes a great gift and is nice to have on hand to spice up a dull appetiser.  Check back later today to see how that goes with the plums, should be just a tasty.
Anyway, Floydy is telling me to remind everyone that the Joie Great Gadget Giveaway ends this Saturday.  I'm giving away these two great kitchen helpers to one lucky reader.
Click here to take you right to that posting for more details 
Just leave a comment on the posting to enter............thanks!
Thanks Floydy.........time for a nap now

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