Monday, January 30, 2012

Toffee Twigs

How to get your fiber in each day............make it more paletable: 
Okay, these are crazy but believe it or not?  Delicious.  So................

First I started with a batch of toffee inspired by Love Veggies and Yoga's Chocolate Saltine Toffee recipe, check it out.
Then I found these twigs on sale at Whole Foods today. 

I remembered my husband making fun of me last spring when I brought a bag of these "Sticks & Twigs Pretzels" along with a bunch of "healthy" snacks on a week long driving trip we went on.  I was in the process of losing over 75 pounds and didn't want to screw it up by eating junk for a week.  Anyway, the "twigs" were pretty tough to munch on but now I have a way to make them a craving  Cover them in Toffee of course.

Okay so they're not eating a salad with a light vinaigrette but once in a while you just have to make something healthy taste great.  These twigs are great and store well in the fridge so you can just take a bite even some days to snip that craving for sweet and salty.  Super easy to make and everything cost about $5 so a good buy as well.  Pretzels would work as well or even chips.  Averie's toffee recipe goes great with this salty combination so give them a try.

To make these Toffee Covered Twigs, just cook up a batch of toffee, I suggest using this recipe and I used "Palm Sugar" instead of Brown.  Then break up some of the Twigs, drop them in the bottem of a cupcake pan and pour a little of the toffee over the twigs.  Put in the fridge to cool and there you go....
"Twigs" are okay.  Toffee covered Twigs are awesome!

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  1. Wow, you pulled off the toffee with Twigs! It looks good and I'd love to try a piece! Thanks for the linkback and for trying the recipe and making it GF!

  2. They are pretty ugly but when you taste them you kind of forget. Toffee has always been a favorite flavor of mine and this recipe was so quick I really loved it. Maybe next time with something a little more attractive than twigs but hopefully just as tasty! Thanks again :-D



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